2012-09 (Sep) Jupiter Goliath Grouper Dives

posted Nov 3, 2012, 3:43 PM by Mark Butler   [ updated Apr 27, 2014, 6:47 PM ]

2012-09 (Sep)Jupiter Goliath Grouper Dives

Absolutely amazing dives in Jupiter, Florida.  Our Dive Club (Seapines Dive Club) got the idea from SCUBA NATION TV show to take a few of us to Jupiter and dive a Goliath Grouper spawning aggregation site.  This was especially exciting for  me as I was originally going to do my master's thesis on these giants.  We did two 100ft dives.  the first was a wreck trec that started on a small boat then moved passed a barge and ended at an upright tug.  The 2nd dive was just on the third tug and was amazing.  Thanks to Aaron, Andrew, Sarah, and Steve for joining in on the adventure.  Huge thanks to Bill for setting it all up.

2012-09 (Sep) Jupiter Goliath Dives - Andrew Vs The Jacks

2012-09 (Sep) Jupiter Goliath Dives-Aaron

2012-09 (Sep) Jupiter Golaith Dives 3

2012-09 (Sep) Jupiter Golaith Dives - Sarah

2012-09 (Sep) Jupier Goliath Dives - The Hold

2012-09 (Sep) Jupiter Goliath Dives - Sting Rays

2012-09 (Sep) Jupiter Goliath Dives - Steve

2012-09 (Sep) Jupiter Goliath Dives - The Colony